Costa Rica Provinces

Costa Rica Provinces are full of places and secrets to be discovered for you. This is a small country of 51,100 square kilometers, however, its natural, cultural, and gastronomic wealth is fantastic and changes with just a few kilometers between communities and provinces. This makes it a country that you will want to know from the Caribbean where you can enjoy the Afro-Caribbean flavor and customs to the north coast of Guanacaste with its colonial traditions and typical foods.

Costa Rica Provinces are 7 and  San Jose is the capital and heart of the country, located in the center of the country and very near the other provinces that form the central valley. San Jose, like any other capital, is a place full of movement, noise, busy life, shopping, etc. However, our capital also has places where you can escape from reality for a few moments and transport yourself to colonial or pre-Hispanic times. In San Jose, you can find museums, theaters, markets, and colonial buildings that will teach you a little more about our history and how Costa Rica was formed. 

Located 15km (9miles) out of San Jose you will arrive in Herediathis province offers you amazing places to discover. You could visit the Barva volcano, although its access can be a bit difficult is an experience like no other. As well you can visit some of the coffee plantations, or take a ride on the Sarapiqui River. 

Alajuela has extraordinary natural wealth and parks to visit. The Poas Volcano is undoubtedly the most representative place in the area, with its 1.6 km crater it is the largest active crater in the world at this time. Also, in Alajuela, you will find coffee plantations where you will learn everything about this plant. In addition, the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna are also found within this province.

In Cartago, you will find the amazing Irazu Volcano, the highest active volcano in Costa Rica. As well in the center of the town, you can visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, the most important catholic place in Costa Rica. The Orosi valley offers extraordinary landscapes and beautiful nature. Colonial churches and buildings can be found along the drive.

These four provinces form the Central Valley. All of them very close to each other and where you can visit places that will leave you breathless. You will be able to visit active volcanoes, waterfalls, animal sanctuaries, and national parks. Take a city tour by San Jose or enjoy a rafting adventure, there are many activities to enjoy in the area.

Along our Pacific coast, you will find the provinces of Puntarenas located in the center and south Pacific, and where you will find exotic places as the Manuel Antonio National Park, Corcovado National Park, Santa Teresa Beach, Tortuga Island among others. The northern of the Costa Rica Provinces is Guanacaste is located in the north pacific, with its white-sand beaches, national parks, active volcanoes, hot springs, adventure parks, and amazing wildlife to discover.

Bathed by the Caribbean Sea is the province of Limon. Here you can visit its famous Tortuguero canals and discover its fantastic flora and fauna. Or visit some of the exuberant beaches of Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, or Gandoca, in the south of the province. In Limon, you can enjoy the Afro-Caribbean flavor and manners typical of the area.

Certainly, each of the Costa Rica Provinces has many natural and cultural attractions and many adventures to discover. Take a look at our link of the packages we offer or let us know where and what you would like to see of this amazing country and we will take you to discover the best of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Provinces

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