Alajuela Province, Costa Rica

Alajuela is the more extensive province of Costa Rica. Here we found the main entrance to Costa Rica, the Juan Santamaria International airport. The province is located 20km out of the capital, San Jose. Its territory spreads to the north, reaching the boundary with Nicaragua. Alajuela was founded in 1782 and gave birth to such famous historical characters as Juan Santamaría. He is the national hero that burned down the “Meson de Rivas” in 1856 during the battle against filibusters.

Alajuela, Costa RicaThis province has an enviable natural richness. Its uneven topography includes the rainforest and exuberant plains to the north. Visitors have a choice of the two most impressive, active volcanoes of the country. You can visit the Arenal Volcano, in the City of San Carlos and enjoy some of the hot springs parks as well.  Also, the province enjoys the Poás Volcano, at the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.

Poás volcano is one of the most splendid volcanoes in Costa Rica, for its beautiful landscape. Around it, you may appreciate different habitats, from the cloud forest to areas of scarce vegetation, where species have become adapted to emissions of gas and the climatic factor characteristic of a volcano. The volcano also enjoys one of the largest craters in the world.

Alajuela, Costa Rica The Arenal Volcano, with its conic silhouette, offers you amazing landscapes and lots of nature and wildlife. This volcano used to be one of the most active in the world. Many of the hotels offer a panoramic view of the volcano and its evening show. As well in the area, you can find different activities for all the family as zipline, rafting, or hanging bridges.

Alajuela Province offers you amazing nature and places to relax. Coffee tours, waterfalls and wildlife gardens, and adventures are part of the local offer.

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